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2100 лв.
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DeepCool E-PAD PLUS от DEEPCOOL се предлага на цена от 21,00 лв..


  • Х-ка 2
    Heat transfer printing technique is used to generate a flat, smooth, non-fading surface designed for gaming mouse to glide across.
  • Х-ка 3
    Soft and pliable, effectively eliminating distortion.
  • Х-ка 4
    Can be rolled up and stashed for enhanced portability.
  • Х-ка 5
    Washable and easy to clean.
  • Х-ка 6
    Large and durable.
  • Х-ка 1
    Natural rubber surface finishing provides the greatest degree of comfort and health benefits. The special base provides a high-strength grip to the desk surface without flopping about.
  • Х-ка 7
    Dimension: 800 x 400 x 4 mm.
  • Тегло, кг.
    0.66 кг.
  • Х-ка 8
    Color: Black

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